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What makes the L-TEC Outdoorlift so special and so different?

Without doubt, its all-terrain flexibility. Not for nothing is it called the all-terrain Outdoorlift. Its innovative ball-chain drive system allows it to do what other systems cannot - or only to a limited extent:

  • The L-TEC Outdoorlift can be installed while leaving the surrounding terrain largely undisturbed. No major intervention is required. Your natural surroundings are thus preserved.
  • Since the lift is self-propelled, routes of unlimited length are possible. All of the necessary propulsion technology is carried on board.
  • It can cope with alternating inclines of up to 45° smoothly and safely.
  • At the same time, it can travel around curves with a radius as low as 10 m while the cabin automatically compensates any changes in level.
  • The track is normally laid discreetly at ground level – but it does not have to be laid this way.
  • Up to 45 stopping points can be installed and the cabin can be accessed on both sides. Various factors including the ability to lay the track just above ground level make this possible.

The L-TEC Outdoorlift sets a new benchmark in terms of functionality and design.