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Mobility and comfort, wherever you want it

New standards of living have emerged in the world of today. The demand for greater flexibility and comfort has become stronger than ever. Whether you want to travel in comfort to your front door or to your car park, access your boat moored in the bay below or plan ahead for your retirement, the L-TEC Outdoorlift with its unique drive system is designed to suit the most diverse applications. It is suitable for private and commercial users alike.

A new generation

Difficult terrain no longer poses any obstacle to access. For private individuals, the L-TEC Outdoorlift provides a comfortable and secure connection between garages, residential and outbuildings or to areas of hillside properties otherwise only accessible by steps and walkways. For hotels and restaurants, it's the ideal way of linking secluded properties and areas, thus offering enhanced comfort for their guests. Public buildings and communities can also benefit from the capabilities of the L-TEC Outdoorlift. Tailored solutions guarantee barrier-free, safe access to castles, museums and other public infrastructures for everyone - pedestrians, wheelchair users or parents with strollers.

The L-TEC Outdoorlift can be adapted to suit your architectural plans, either for alterations to existing buildings or for new buildings. Its key advantage lies in its flexible track routing, which enables it to be installed in mature natural surroundings. This avoids the need for major structural work, guarantees cost-efficiency and preserves the natural environment. It's an investment in tomorrow that you can see today.