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Planning + Construction

Our job is to get you to your destination

Our objective is to ensure that the L-TEC Outdoorlift operates smoothly on your property. Our experienced team is on hand to assist you throughout the entire process.

  1. Your inquiry
    In order to provide you with a price estimate, we need an idea of the area and terrain in which the L-TEC Outdoorlift is to be installed. The more detailed the information you provide, the more accurate is our estimate. Our inquiry form will help you provide us with the relevant information for the project.
  2. On-site inspection
    We carry out a detailed inspection of the site with you and your architect, if applicable. This involves considering important aspects such as the flow of movement to and from the lift, vegetation and natural obstacles, existing buildings and climatic conditions. At this point, we will also carry out a ground assessment and, depending on its condition, plan the anchorage for the Outdoorlift. We also make sure that we fully understand your requirements and offer planning advice. We can then provide you with our quote.
  3. Construction inquiry
    Systems of this type do not generally require a building permit. Nevertheless, there are regional differences which must be clarified. We can also assist you here.
  4. Placing an order
    Once you place an order, we carry out a detailed measurement of the route and mark it out with the aid of a string line. This allows you to see the exact route the lift will follow. Approximately two weeks later, we will provide you with the completed route plan including all necessary connections. If you are not employing the services of an architect, we can also assist you in evaluating the plan.
  5. Production and preparation of the terrain
    As soon as you approve the plans, we commence construction of your L-TEC Outdoorlift. During this phase, we also carry out structural preparations to the terrain on which the track will be laid. All the necessary connections must be installed and the stopping points would also ideally be constructed at this point.
  6. Installation of the track
    Approximately 10 weeks after the order is placed, we commence installation of the track. Depending on the composition of the ground and the length of the route, we lay L-Tec’s unique track anchorage system or foundations. Installation of the rails generally starts at the lowest point of the route and progresses upwards.
  7. Assembly of the cabin
    In most cases, the cabin is pre-assembled and delivered directly from the factory once the relevant performance checks have been completed. It is lifted onto the track by a truck-mounted crane. We then connect the drive system, the power supply from your house and carry out adjustments to the stopping points. After completing the acceptance test and carrying out a final inspection of all system components, the L-TEC Outdoorlift is ready for operation.
  8. Your L-TEC Outdoorlift is now ready to run
    When handing over the lift to you, we give you a thorough briefing of its functions and how to operate it. We discuss all aspects relating to maintenance and care and can also offer you the option of a service contract, either with us or a company authorized by us.