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The safety standards of the L-TEC Outdoorlift allow it to be used without restriction in public institutions. Private customers also benefit from these high standards.

  • Geared non-slip drive system:
    The drive wheel and counter wheel engage positively with the spherical links of the chain. This prevents the ball chain from slipping through.
  • Redundant brake system:
    Two independently operated brake systems guarantee twofold safety.
  • Safety catch with speed limiting device
    The lift is continuously monitored to ensure that it is traveling at the correct speed. If excessive speed is detected, an additional third mechanical brake is applied directly on the rails and the lift is brought to a standstill.
  • Safety control system:
    All safety functions in the electric wiring system are permanently monitored. If an error occurs, the lift brakes immediately.
  • Obstacle monitoring:
    Sensors fitted to the cabin monitor the track in front of and behind the cabin. If an obstacle is lying on the track, the lift stops automatically. This eliminates the possibility of objects being run over and becoming jammed.
  • Door locking system:
    The doors can only be opened when the cabin is stationary.
  • Emergency lighting:
    In the event a power failure, a battery-operated lamp switches on immediately.
  • Emergency call button:
    If the emergency call button is pressed, a loud hoot is sounded. An optional intercom system can also be installed.
  • Service and maintenance:
    We recommend that you have your system serviced every six months. All the functions, operating states and safety systems are checked and guaranteed. Benefit from our service technicians' experience.